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The Surya temple is a masterpiece of the Solanki dynasty. Surya (Sun God) has been venerated from Rig Vedic times. Just three Surya temples exist today. One is in Konark, the other in Martand and the third here in Modhera. This east-facing temple is the third largest. At dusk, during autumn and spring, sunlight enters through the door into the garbagriha and lights up the main statue. The samprana roof of the temple is broken but the lower portion of the structure is filled with sculptures which are quite impressive. \\

There is an open mandapa in front of the garbagriha and nritya mandapa, which is more like a giant chhatri, with only pillars and no walls. The whole design is along a central axis. The huge tank in front of the temple measures 35 m x 55 m and is surrounded by steps on all four sides. At every side, on the steps are small shrines and at the centre of each side is a group of shrines. At dawn, when the sunrays light up the whole ensemble, the effect is exceptionally wonderful.

The water level rises depending on the amount of rainfall.
Floor Plan
The Surya Temple stands on the longer side of the tank facing it.
Tank where restoration work is complete
Shrine on the smaller side of the tank.
Small shrines on the steps.
Cross-section of the tank.
The upper portion of the torana in front of the open mandapa is broken.
Full view of the Surya Temple.
Domed ceiling of the rangmandir.
Details of the sculptures on the wall.
The row of pillars inside the mandapa.