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9th C

Amoghavarsha I of the Rashtrakuta dynasty (814-878) embraced Jainism and was a generous patron of Jain art. There are five Jain cave temples at the northern end of Ellora that lack the superior construction techniques of Hindu or Buddhist temples. The interior however is of a high quality. A unique feature is the number of statues of tirthankaras that are carved everywhere. Cave 30 is a miniature of Cave 16 and is called Chota (small) Kailasa.
the courtyard of Cave 32.
Cave 30-Chota Kailasa Temple.
The stambha and main shrine behind the gate of Cave 32.
Sculpture on the chaumukha shrine.
Interior of the second floor of Cave 32.
Cross Section of Cave 32. First Floor plan of Cave 32,Cave 33,Cave 34
Interior of Cave 34.
Facade of Cave 33.
Kubera statue in Cave 33.
Tirthankara statue in Cave 33.