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12th Century

As you come down from Solapur by rail to Bijapur and Badami, the next stop will be Gadag, where one can explore Later Chalukya architecture of 10th to 12th century. There are three temples in the city of Dambal which is 20 km south east of here.

The Later Chalukya architecture has a star-shaped plan for the vimana. The Dodda Basappa temple in Dambal has so many star points that it almost looks circular.

One right angle is divided into four angles of 22.5 degrees. 48 such angles are further sub divided and decorated with minute carvings.

This style was common in the Hoysala dynasty(12th-14th centuries) too. The shikhara is neither north nor south style. Since it has incorporated both styles it can be called an \"in-between style.\"

Dodda Basappa has so many star points it looks almost circular